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General Life Coaching

Want to feel better? Want more connection in your relationships? Want more self confidence? Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious? You’re not alone. Most of us do not grow up learning and practicing how to manage our minds and emotions. As a result, we adopt patterns of behavior that repeat over and over again and create results in our lives we don' t like.


Are you ready to create long lasting change in your life? Let's do it! 

Now is the time to....

Stop over-eating and reach your health goals.

Create more connection with your spouse and have mind blowing sex. 

Enjoy peaceful and more loving relationships with your kids, mother-in-law, ex's, etc.

Stop over-drinking and other habits you can't stop on your own (porn, social media, Netflix, over-working, etc.)

Get things done! Manage your time and stop procrastinating.

Plan, commit and execute your next big goal. 

What My Clients Are Saying

Tricia G.

I am grateful to Silvina for her guidance, her wisdom, and for working with me. I accomplished my target goals during our work together and I am happy to share that several months later, I have maintained my goal behavior! I continue to utilize the tools Silvina shared with me and can honestly say that her work has changed my life.

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