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    Meagan M.Hyde, MS, LMFTA

    Owner of Better Relationships Therapy 

    "I had spent years avoiding facing my finances, carrying around a lot of shame about my month-to-month lifestyle despite my income increasing over the years. My business was growing and I knew I needed a budget so that I wouldn’t just continue to spend the excess that was coming in. I was finally in a position financially, to start planning for the future but I was spending what could have gone into savings, an emergency fund, my retirement plan, etc. I knew I needed help but I didn’t even know the questions to ask to get the help I needed.


    I’d made it through graduate school and started a business, yet this was a challenge unlike any I had faced. I’d had countless therapy sessions to help reduce the anxiety, but I was still stuck. When I finally got the courage to reach out to Silvina, I was shocked at how easy it was to talk to her about money- the near-panic anxiety I felt quickly subsided as she listened and wanted to better understand me-including my issues around money that were keeping me from moving forward, both personally and professionally. 


    The relief I felt after just the first session was indescribable! I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because I knew that she could help me. She wanted to get to know me, what I wanted for my future, and to really understand how she could help. For the first time, I saw a path moving forward and had tangible ideas about how to get there. Knowing I had someone to guide me along the way as I faced my fears was exactly what I needed and provided me the encouragement and support to be able to create new habits that would be sustainable long-term. 


    Exposing the financial aspect of my life was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face but I wish I had reached out for help sooner. Had I known there were people like Silvina out there doing this work, I would have skipped therapy and found Silvina instead! 


    Working with Silvina has been instrumental in growing my business! After getting my personal and business budget in place, we realized I had the money to move from part-time to full-time in my business! Once I had the numbers to back it up and forecasting to see the potential for growth, the decision was obvious and my income only keeps increasing!


    Working with Silvina has been a life-changing and life-giving experience. Now I log in to my accounts and get excited to budget and see where I am choosing to put my money. Silvina is like a coach, therapist, cheerleader, budgeter, planner and friend, all wrapped into one person! I never thought budgeting could feel this good!"


Daniela Lee

Owner of Bliss Om Ayurveda and Wellness

"Before I started my money coaching sessions with Silvina, I was afraid I would feel completely overwhelmed with financial terminology and concepts that I’d never heard before.  Silvina really took the time and patience to hand-walk me through this process by making it simple to understand with concepts that were already familiar to me. More importantly, she helped me confront my fears and limiting beliefs about money.

I highly recommend her services. Silvina is super professional,  knowledgeable, detailed oriented, an amazing listener and the best accountability partner you can have to feel peace again about your finances."

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Jen Crampton-Walker

Owner o fAudrey's Holistic Skin Care

“Silvina's coaching is absolutely free of judgement which was a huge relief for me. One of the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from Silvina is that spending less money and being mindful of how you use your money allows for more time and freedom in your life.  Creating my why has really brought clarity to the bigger picture of what I want in life rather than just working to keep up my spending habits. I am so much more conscious of where and how I spend my money now.

I highly recommend working with Silvina. She helped me start a budget, held me accountable and was especially talented in keeping me on track. She is incredibly resourceful when is comes to finances and starting a business.  And... she is fun to work with! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with her."

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