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Daniela Lee

Owner of Bliss Om Ayurveda and Wellness

"Before I started my money coaching sessions with Silvina, I was afraid I would feel completely overwhelmed with financial terminology and concepts that I’d never heard before.  Silvina really took the time and patience to hand-walk me through this process by making it simple to understand with concepts that were already familiar to me. More importantly, she helped me confront my fears and limiting beliefs about money.

I highly recommend her services. Silvina is super professional,  knowledgeable, detailed oriented, an amazing listener and the best accountability partner you can have to feel peace again about your finances."

Jen Crampton_edited.jpg

Jen Crampton-Walker

Owner o fAudrey's Holistic Skin Care

“Silvina's coaching is absolutely free of judgement which was a huge relief for me. One of the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from Silvina is that spending less money and being mindful of how you use your money allows for more time and freedom in your life.  Creating my why has really brought clarity to the bigger picture of what I want in life rather than just working to keep up my spending habits. I am so much more conscious of where and how I spend my money now.

I highly recommend working with Silvina. She helped me start a budget, held me accountable and was especially talented in keeping me on track. She is incredibly resourceful when is comes to finances and starting a business.  And... she is fun to work with! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with her."

It was truly a pleasure working with Silvina in her coaching program! She has a wonderful style about her that put me at ease and supported me to feel safe in our work together. We discussed personal goals and changes I wanted, and needed, to make in my life that would help me reach new levels of health and overall satisfaction in my life. Silvina is an expert in sharing knowledge and information with a teaching style that clearly outlined her program and the steps needed to accomplish my goals. She helped me understand how behavioral patterns, psychological factors, and processes of the brain were guiding my decisions and my actions. She provided coping strategies and a step by step program that enabled me to take charge of my behavior and make conscious, deliberate choices. And, she made learning enjoyable and inspiring with her lovely blend of warmth, compassion, and humor. I am grateful to Silvina for her guidance, her wisdom, and for working with me. I accomplished my target goals during our work together and I am happy to share that several months later, I have maintained my goal behavior! I continue to utilize the tools Silvina shared with me and can honestly say that her work has changed my life.

Tricia G. 

I honestly do not know if I can find the right words to describe my appreciation for Silvina's professionalism, dedication, commitment and support. Coaching with her was accidental and just at the precise moment in my life. Her contribution, teachings, guidance and opening of my paradigms, helped me see and understand my life in a different a better way. The Luciana who started the first session is not even remotely the Luciana who ended this 2020, which was very particular and in my personal case, turned out to be wonderfully exceptional. After my sessions with Silvina, I modified not only my mind and thoughts, but also my whole being and my actions in life. As I said at the beginning, writing this testimonial is one thing, but to understand my experience, I recommend walking the road with Silvina week by week and discovering a before, and the after you can create for yourself. It is never too late, just like it wasn't for me. Silvina helped me have the life I want by sharing tools and outstanding coaching that helped me set my mind in a way that served me in becoming my best self. 

Luciana R.

Silvina coached me on my fear of terminal illness. Through Silvina's coaching, I learned to accept life as it is. She helped me recognize my thoughts and question them which consequently allowed me to change them. I now feel more liberated from my anxiety and much more calm and happy.
Thanks to her coaching, I was able to understand very simply, how the mind, the conscious and the subconscious work. The practical exercises reinforced and consolidated these concepts. I'm now more aware of my thoughts and I'm creating much better results in my life than I was before I started coaching with Silvina. 

If you need to create a shift, I would definitely recommend Silvina's approach. It will change your life!

Antonia W. 

Silvina is an amazing coach! She helped me see that my thoughts were getting in my way. She is super good at pointing out the thought errors that are holding you back, and she does it in a way that helps you let go and move forward. She really helps you get to the root of your problems, and then see that you have other options. 

I loved our weekly calls. My favorite part was knowing that I could trust her to show me what I wasn't seeing, and knowing that she loved me anyway. I never felt judged. She helped me be curious about the things I was learning and working through in my business and life.

One of the things I was working on was learning to schedule and use my time better. She helped me come to a place of acceptance for how I was doing things, which then opened up space for me to learn more skills in time management. I have learned to honor myself and my time much better!

Emily L.

I've had the privilege of coaching weekly with Silvina for the past 8 months and it has been one of the greatest gifts I've ever given myself. She's helped me peel back the layers on many thoughts and beliefs I had about myself that were no longer serving me well. Areas of my life where I felt stuck for so long, I'm now making progress and thriving. She has coached me on multiple issues from challenging family dynamics to procrastination and time management to self worth and not living up to my true potential. She always holds a safe and non-judgmental space for me to explore these sensitive topics, and treats me with such kindness and patience. I can honestly say I feel happier than I've been in a long time, and it's not because anything externally in my life has changed. It's because of the internal shifts I've made with Silvina's coaching, guidance and wisdom. She is truly gifted at what she does, and I can't recommend her highly enough!

Kim R.

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