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Meet Silvina

Personal Finance Expert and Life Coach

I’m just like you. A Woman with a life story. 


I’ll fast forward mine to the day I said my I do’s at the young age of 20 years old. Two years after getting married, I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Utah with a degree in Finance. I was recruited right out of college by an Investments Firm, and I got my Series 7 License, a certification that allowed me to trade securities (such as stocks and mutual funds) for clients.


Fours years later, I was pregnant with our daughter. I quit my job to stay home and from then on, we were living on my husband’s sole income. I devoted all my time and energy to our family, working hard at being the best mother and housewife I could possibly be. But becoming the CFO of our household was one role that felt very natural to me. 


We became millionaires in our thirties at a time when the stock and real estate markets were not in our favor. My husband earned a healthy six figure income with a one in front, which obviously served us well, but it was our mindset, how we thought about money, that led us to create the habits required to build wealth. At the time, like I said, this felt natural and I didn’t know anything different.

My appreciation for this type of mindset and skills came to light when after 16 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to get a divorce. My daughter was 9, my son 5 and my black labrador Chester was in his senior years.


So now what? This is when my next life adventure starts. The financial cushion I had built in my marriage, allowed me to take time to explore my career options. With my financial background, it would make sense to go back to that industry and I did…. I took a banking position for a short period of time, but long enough to know that what I wanted most, was to contribute and have a transformative effect in people, which I was not fulfilling in that job. This is when a couple of decades of being a self-help books junkie and having followed authors like Eckart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins and Brene Brown, to name a few, kicked into first gear. 


I decided I could bring forth a sense of contribution into my life by becoming a Life Coach and helping women transform their lives. While practicing Self-coaching, I asked myself “what is it that I love coaching women on the most?" and my answer was "Money." So I decided to marry my Finance College Degree with my Life Coaching Passion, and a Money Coach was born. 


I have a blended family now, my partner (a Real Estate Investor) and myself are both Solopreneurs. I know about the many different hats we need to wear in our day to day and how to ride the variable income rollercoaster. The approach that I take is holistic as I find Money is beautifully intertwined in all areas of our lives. And I chose the word “beautifully” because it truly describes my relationship with money. My goal is to coach my clients so they can experience the same themselves.

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