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Work With Me

I help women overcome negative feelings caused by their financial taboos by achieving an intimate and fulfilling relationship with Money. 

Transform your Finances

This is my one-on-one coaching program where we set a solid foundation for financial success. We start by discovering everything that is keeping you from reaching your goals and the next level in your finances. 

After working with me you will start to feel confident, have a plan and a different outlook about your relationship with money. I will help you overcome your financial taboos, and you’ll feel empowered to achieve anything you want in your life. 

In this program, I share financial tools, but most importantly, by practicing cognitive science based coaching, I help you conquer the natural self-doubt and anxiety you might have experienced when you tried to do this alone. I’m here for you. 


Accountability Program

After my three month program, you have experienced financial transformation and you are eager to continue to work towards your financial goals.


This is where we go deeper into coaching to knock down any walls that may still be standing between you and the financial life of your dreams.


New endeavors and obstacles are always around the corner so during this monthly program, I help you step out of confusion, indecision and move towards commitment and fulfillment. My approach is holistic so you are guaranteed to see the effects of money coaching in all areas of your life. 

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