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Are your thoughts aligned with your 2020 Goals?

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

We are 10 days into the new year. My Gym and Barre3 studio are a lot more crowded this month. People are busy working on their New Year resolutions to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Where are you with your New Year resolutions? Are you 100% clear on what they are? Did you write them down, or are they still living in your head?

Today I want to bring you back to your list. You’ve had 10 days to work on these goals now, right? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Are you able to focus on your goal targets and are you getting some results?

I asked myself all of these questions last week. They were prompted by the feeling of overwhelm I was experiencing. This was a signal for me to pause and explore what is going on in my mind. What I found was that I was telling myself “I have so much to work on.” This was in reference to the areas in my life I wanted to coach myself on. It was this sneaky little thought that caused me to feel overwhelmed, and I was not able to focus and take action on any of the areas I wanted to work on. And, as a result, I was not gaining traction and made no progress which is evidence of my original thought because “I will still have so much to work on” for as long as I continue to take no action.

When I changed my thought from “I have so much to work on” to “I have 5 areas to focus on in my self-coaching”, I was able to take myself to a more neutral place and feel acceptance. From here I was able to focus, plan and organize my time and I find myself making progress.

I’m telling you this story because whether you have 1, 5 or 15 goals you are working on, you get to decide how you think and feel about them. This is so important because your actions are fueled by your feelings and your actions will ultimately produce your results.

This example is a good practical introduction to "The Model” which is one of the most important and effective tools I use in my coaching practice:

If you have set a money goal for yourself in 2020 (save for an emergency fund, buy a house, pay off your student loan, go on an amazing vacation, etc), take a moment now to see how things are going. Watch yourself in the present moment to discover the thoughts you have about your goal because these are the thoughts that will fuel your emotions and actions. If you are not having very positive thoughts about it, such as “this is probably not going to happen,” “I failed at this in the past,” “it’s going to be hard,” “it will take so much work,” or “I don’t know how to accomplish this,” you will most likely take no action and get negative results.

Bringing awareness to how you think about your 2020 Money Goals is the first step in the right direction!

Are you wondering how you can take this work further? Would you like to discover the money beliefs that are getting in the way of achieving your goals,? Request a complimentary Discovery Session and during our call, we will explore your current model so you can gain awareness and understanding and see the possibilities available to you to create and achieve your Money Goals.

Lots of love!




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