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The Five Ingredients For a Well-Crafted Set of Goals You Are Sure to Achieve

Goodbye 2020, and welcome 2021! The new year is here, and with it, a new list of resolutions and goals to reach.

How is it looking for you? I spent this week writing mine up. I want to share some ideas to go from a blank page to one filled with goals you are energized about and will achieve in the next 12 months.

Here are the five ingredients for a well-crafted set of goals you are sure to work for and achieve:

1- Decide What you Want.

Please don’t pretend to be confused about what you want. Do not tell yourself, “I don’t know,” as this phrase will lead you down the path of indulging in doubt. There is no right or wrong answer. Nobody but you know what you want, so I suggest you don’t look outside of you, but look within. When you see it, decide. It takes two seconds to make the decision—no need to procrastinate.

2- Commit to Your Decision (Goal).

You will desire many things because you are human. These desires will compete for your attention and energy. Only commitment will allow you to focus on your goal. When you don’t give into other desires, you are automatically removing other options that will enable you to align with what you truly want. Notice all the other desires in your way, acknowledge them, and turn them away.

It’s like going to the grocery store to get milk. I know I want oat milk. Not only do I want oat milk, but I like Oat-Ly milk. When I’m at Whole Foods, I go straight for it. I don’t consider any other options because I know that’s the brand I want. The other brands advertise to be as delicious and creamy, but I ignore their claims. I’ll walk out of the store with my carton of Oat-Ly.

3- Have a Compelling Reason.

Why do you want to pursue this goal? A compelling reason will drive you to go after it. It’s the reason why you are willing to go all-in no matter what. So it has to be important to you. I don’t care how trivial it may seem. It doesn’t have to be important to others, only to you. It has to move you.

It has to be compelling enough for you to believe that this goal is as good as done. It will make it easy for you to pursue this goal. I’m not saying the pursuit itself will be leisurely, but your reason will be so compelling that you can’t even imagine you not doing whatever it takes to reach your goal.

Look at past goals you have not met. The reason why you didn’t is that your compelling reason was not strong enough. So please become very clear when crafting your why. Write it repeatedly, modify it, ponder on it, and get coached on it until you fully believe it is the fuel that will get you through the finish line.

4- Exercise Resilience.

Be ready to fail on your way to your goal. Resilience is what is going to get you back up when you fall. It’s the inner strength that whispers to you, “you can do hard things,” and other famous lines like “just do it.”

Resilience will carry you to success. It will find a way for you to get it done regardless of what happens. Resilience will fuel massive action.

5- Don’t give up.

It’s not an option; Period. You’ll keep trying until it’s done.

These are the ingredients for a well-crafted list of goals for the new year. I follow this recipe myself, and it’s the very reason my Blog even exists. At this same time last year, I decided I would start a Blog and write two posts each month in 2020. After I publish this one, I will have met my goal.

It’s the addition of the tiniest goals and those that seem impossible that bring richness into our lives. Without goals, we don’t grow. Without commitment, we stay the same, and we don’t evolve. We just recycle the same life over and over again. And I don’t know about you, but I can get bored very quickly.

I look back at this year, and I get tears of joy to think of all I have grown. I love my life, and I love being the creator of it. I will set my goals, knowing I will be challenged but also greatly rewarded.

Decide. Commit. Be resilient. These are all my New Year’s wishes for you. Thank you for visiting my Blog, and I hope you have enjoyed my posts.

There are more of these teachings awaiting for you in my 1:1 coaching programs. What do you want to accomplish in 2021? I’d be happy to come along with you to help you overcome the obstacles in your way. Click here to schedule your free mini-session.

Cheers to 2021!




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